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Tabriz Islamic Art University was established in the year 1999, which was named “The Year of Imam Ali (PBUH)" by The Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran. With the establishment of the university, carpet faculty started its educational and research activities by the admission of 71 under-graduated carpet students as guest students from Sahand University of Technology plus 61 students (29 male students for the first semester and 31 female students for the second semester) for the field of carpet with a focus on Carpet Map Designing, all of whom had been accepted in1996
At the moment, in this faculty students are trained for carpet map design in bachelor and master’s degree and the science of fiber dyeing and carpet management in master’s degree. Carpet faculty of Tabriz Islamic Art University is the only carpet faculty in Iran and has started to train students for the first time in the country in three different areas of carpet science, Management, fiber dyeing, map designing for master’s degree. At the moment this faculty has about 200 students studying in associate degree and post graduate in Heris faculty and carpet map design (bachelor and master degree ), fiber dyeing and carpet management (master degree) in the central carpet faculty. Ten faculty members with the rank of assistant professors and lecturers are teaching different subjects. In addition, there are a number of popular and skillful masters in weaving, designing and fiber dyeing of the large carpet market of Tabriz who are teaching as visiting lecturers at this faculty. This Faculty follows the policy of researches that are based on documentography, carpet pathology, resolving the problems of carpet manufacturing, export and management scope. Theses and research subjects are led by the academic members in a functional and result-oriented way. The members of this Faculty have presented plenty of essays to the National Carpet Center and other related institutions. One of the most impressive masterpieces produced in this faculty is designing and weaving of the most exquisite double-sided Quranic carpet of the world, which is named "carpet of love" by the supreme leader of Iran. This carpet is assigned to be dedicated to "Astan-Ghods- Razavi museum". This Quranic carpet has 76 pages and 63 million knots. It has been taken 6 years to finish the weaving process of this Quranic carpet in the faculty of carpet. According to the order of supreme leader, a second version of this carpet is under practice of designing and weaving by the calligraphy of Master Neirizi.
This faculty has provided educational environment and researching services to students and researchers such as: classrooms, ateliers, designing workshops, weaving workshops, restoration  and carpet repairing rooms, the modern lab for "science of fibers" which is equipped with "Oil measuring instruments" of wool, "abrasion stability measuring instruments", "density measuring instruments" of wool, and "dyeing labs" , which, in two different "synthetic" and "traditional" parts, are equipped with "solar-box", "6 cylinder-dyeing machines" , "soxhlet extractors",  and "reflective spectrophotometers" for measuring the absorbance.


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